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We have always sought to ensure that the St George’s Police Children Trust evolves to reflect the changing character and nature of modern policing, and over the last few years we have made significant changes to our eligibility and financial benefit package in order to expand the financial support offered by the Trust. In 2021 in a new and significant step forward for the Charity, the Trust took the decision to introduce two new Grants to support the mental health and wellbeing of the children of Police Officers who are current donors to the charity.

However, despite this we have seen a massive reduction in new donors signing up to the Charity. The main reason for this is we have found that the name lacks relevance for the new cohorts coming in and has also been said to not be inclusive for the National Forces we represent.

Therefore, the Trustees have decided to rename the Charity to better represent the work that we do, and in 2022 we will be relaunching the charity as The Police Children’s Charity.

Despite this name change, the history of the charity and references to St George’s will remain prevalent in our promotional literature, at St Andrews and through the name of our Holiday cottage in Harrogate, which will keep its name of St George’s.

We hope that the new brand will emphasise the Charity’s aims to fully reflect the challenges of modern policing and fully support the children of Police Officers in the 21st century.

Our Grants and support will not change in any way, and we will continue to support Police Families. Find out more about our how we can help here.

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