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The Charity aims to support Police families by helping to ease the financial pressures of bringing up children in the face of life-changing circumstances.

These circumstances could involve the death of the Police Donor Parent or their partner, or where the Police donor takes early medical retirement. This applies to both on and off duty incidents or issues.

The Charity also offers financial assistance to support the mental health and wellbeing of the Families of eligible individuals who are current donors to the Charity.

Individuals eligible for the Charity’s benefits are children of;

  • Serving Police Officers who hold the ‘Office of Constable’
  • Police Community Support Officers
  • Special Constables
  • Detention and Custody Officers employed by the Police and Crime Commissioner or the Chief Constable
  • Police Staff (eligible whilst Serving) or Investigators employed by the Chief Constable
  • Retired Officers who were within an eligible Serving Police role (as defined above) (for the majority of their service in a force within the PTC constituency) serving for a minimum of 20 years.


  • Eligible role who, during their Police service contribute, or if now Retired continue to contribute, a weekly voluntary donation to support the Charity’s aims and objectives.

To view the Charity’s full Eligibility Criteria Policy, read more in our User Guide.

If you are not currently making a regular donation to The Police Children’s Charity and would like to do so, simply scroll down to your force and complete the relevant forms.

You can also contact your Police Federation or Payroll Department to get this set up straight away.

Officers are asked to make a donation of just 35p a week which is deducted from your salary.

A small outlay now could provide peace of mind in the knowledge that you are safeguarding your family’s future.

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