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Emmett Family Story

Siobhan was a Police Sergeant with 20 years Police work when she was medically retired from Greater Manchester Police Force. Siobhan  signed up when she was young, free and single and no thoughts of children. Years down the line her circumstances changed and she tells her story here of how she is so thankful of signing up.




 “I started contributing to The Police Children’s Charity when I first joined the police, I was single, had no children and had no idea if I would ever require TPCC’s help or support in the future! I am so very glad I filled that contribution form in!!

  Ours is a slightly unusual case in that I am my children’s step parent so I wasn’t sure how our enquiry would be received. I shouldn’t have worried as there was nothing but respect, help and support for us from the start.

I was a Police Sergeant serving with Greater Manchester Police and had three horrendous years of ill health and difficultly with my force. I then found myself being ill health retired due to Complex PTSD which I had sustained during my 20 years of police work. My wife, who was also a Police Officer, had to give up work to care for me and our son so this meant a huge drop in family income.

With help from The PCC, we have been able to ensure our children can still go to gymnastics, martial arts and drama clubs which we would otherwise have been unable to afford. We were also gifted a weeks stay in The Police Children’s Charity Holiday Home in Harrogate which meant that we could all have a holiday which we haven’t had for 4 years and it was in fact our youngest child’s first holiday! This was amazing for us as I find it almost impossible to travel and feel safe. The time away from home was invaluable and allowed us all to wind down and relax properly with Grandparents able to stay and spend quality time with our children too.

I never thought I would need charitable help, in fact I had forgotten that I was contributing until a Police friend reminded me! Paying into TPCC has meant that I have been able to give my family a bit of positivity going forwards and we will always be grateful for the help and support we receive”


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