Ex-Gratia Grants

Each application for an Ex-Gratia grant, including those from school leavers, will be  considered by Trustees.

Applications will be considered on the merits of each application on a case by case basis. Any decisions regarding an Ex-Gratia grant will be based on the individual merits of each case and will not form a precedent for that or any other Beneficiary.

Requests for ex-gratia payments should be made in writing to the Charity’s Administrator  using the application form detailing what they are for and the amount requested.

£1500 limit for IT equipment.

Beneficiary Ex-Gratia Grants

Support is available for our current Beneficiary towards one-off needs such as IT equipment for school or musical instruments.

Ex-Gratia Wellbeing Grant - Available to all our Donors

Further support is available to all current donors to support the wellbeing and mental health of eligible children. This is capped at £2000 per child, except in the case of exceptional circumstances in which case a higher Grant may be approved by our Trustees.

The Ex Gratia Wellbeing Grant unfortunately does not cover any diagnostics or assessments.

Many, many thanks for the Ex-Gratia payment for a car to help take Connor (my 13 month old) out and about. Without this much needed and much appreciated financial help, I would have felt extremely isolated and would not have been able to take up the council offer of nursery care 2 afternoons a week, providing me with some respite during this difficult time. (Police Scotland)

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