Ex-Gratia Grants

Each application for an Ex-Gratia grant, including those from school leavers, will be  considered by Trustees.

The Ex-Gratia grants application process and criteria includes consideration of applications in respect of trade tools when leaving school to start work, musical instruments, necessary textbooks etc.

Applications will be considered on the merits of each application on a case by case basis.

Any decisions regarding an Ex-Gratia grant will be based on the individual merits of each case and will not form a precedent for that or any other Beneficiary.

Requests for ex-gratia payments should be made in writing to the Charity’s Administrator detailing what they are for and the amount requested.

Many, many thanks for the Ex-Gratia payment for a car to help take Connor (my 13 month old) out and about. Without this much needed and much appreciated financial help, I would have felt extremely isolated and would not have been able to take up the council offer of nursery care 2 afternoons a week, providing me with some respite during this difficult time. (Police Scotland)

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