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The Charity offers two Grants to support the mental health and wellbeing of the Families of eligible Donors. Members of the Police must be current donors to the Charity to be eligible for these Grants. For further information about signing up to become a donor please click here.

Child Counselling Grant

Financial support is available to all Beneficiaries & current donors who wish to access counselling to support a young person through a bereavement or difficult time. The support is capped at £1,000 per child and the cost of counselling will be reimbursed by the Charity on receipt of proof of payment.

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Ex-Gratia Wellbeing Grant

Further support is available to all current donors to support the wellbeing & mental health of eligible children. This is capped at £2000 per child, except in the case of exceptional circumstances in which case a higher Grant may be approved by our Trustees. Each application for an Ex-Gratia grant, including those from school leavers, will receive consideration.

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